Book on-line your personal show around Bricknell Nursery
You can book a personal appointment with one of our nursery managers who will provde a tour of your chosen nursery. They will take time to explain everything about the nursery from security and safeguarding to fees and daily routines. You will have the chance to meet all the staff, especially those that provide care for your child's age group.

You will have time to ask questions throughout the appointment, all we ask is that an appointment is made prior to arrival and that you bring some form of photo id with you. This is for the safeguarding of the children who are currently within our care. Once you have been seen by the nursery manager you are welcome to call anytime, without appointment, to ask any further questions or to look around again, maybe with grandparents.

Please note: if you turn up for your first appointment without any ID then you will not be allowed within the nursery building.

To make an appointment please use the short form below and your nursery will confirm this request back by email. We look forward to welcoming you soon...

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