Our yummy like honey menu for our little Tiptoe Bears

At Tiptoes we provide; Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, a snack and milk daily.


We have been serving children under the age of 5 home cooked meals for over a decade. Each of our sites has a trained and experienced cook who prepares and cooks all our dinners and teas from scratch daily. Our managers and deputies are also trained up to cater nutritious and yummy food for our children.

Our children get a variety of healthy and balanced meal options throughout the day including breakfast, snacks, dinner and teas;


For breakfast there is a range of cereal available and toast which the children have the option to choose from, in addition to the cereal we provide cow’s milk and also alternative milks for children with dairy or soya allergies. At snack times we provide a range of fruit or vegetables with a savoury or sweet option such as crackers or breadsticks, rice-cakes or biscuits. Every afternoon the children get the option of a cup of cold or warm milk or a dairy free milk option as a small snack between dinner and tea times.

Tiptoes Children Laughing at Lunchtime

Our lunch and tea menus

Our lunch and tea menus are on a 19day rota (please ask our managers for the latest menu) , this means that children get a variety of meals daily. Our nursery cooks cater daily for a multitude of individual allergies and dietary requirements in order to ensure they provide the most similar but safe alternatives to our daily menu for each child. While providing nutritious and well-balanced meals daily, the menu has been designed to cater for different children’s taste buds.

With our menus, we teach children to enjoy and try all food groups which our healthy food options provide. We are aware that changes in food can sometimes be tricky for children therefore we find that having the19day set rota ,which is based on food that children enjoy, is a great way to encourage children to eat a variety of meals that include carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and sugars. All our baking is done from scratch at the nursery with fresh and healthy ingredients daily. In addition to our daily menu, we also do mutli-cultural week menu’s which allow the children to try different food from all around the world a few times a year which a lot of the children enjoy .  For our babies who are not yet able to chew solid foods, we provide a range of fully blended or part blended options to our home cooked meals daily so they are able to enjoy all the same foods and flavours.