Why Tiptoes Goole really is the best decision you can make for your child.

With all of the resources and experiences we can offer, our aim is to support you in ensuring your children gets the best possible start in life.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

Our Early Years Leadership and Management

It is well proven now that a fantastic early education gives children the best start in life. Through learning and playing with other children in a safe and structured environment, they should have a head start when they begin school.

Learning at such an early age comes from those around us, so the leadership within the setting is such an important part when choosing your nursery. Its policy within Tiptoes that all our staff are educated to level 3 in childcare and with 12 of our staff educated to degree level or higher we are proud to boast one of the best team around.

We are confident that Tiptoes Goole is just the place where your child can grow and learn with fantastic early years leadership, and that’s backed up by the quality of the team at the nursery.

The management team at Tiptoes Goole are our most qualified, both the manager and the deputy are degree educated and are currently studying (evening and weekend) for their Master’s in Education (MEd) – We are extremely proud of them and are pretty sure that your child’s early years could not be in better hands.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

100% of staff are qualified above Ofsted regulations.

Apart from Kelly and Lucy (manager and deputy) at Tiptoes there is a growing group of outstanding childcare practitioners, as we only employ fully qualified members of staff so are confident in their ability, knowledge and commitment to providing excellent care.

As they educate themselves and understand the importance of it, they know how important it is to you and your child as well.

Ofsted regulations state that the Manager and one person in each room must have a level 3, 50% of staff level 2, which means the 50% could be un-qualified.

At Tiptoes we know how much you value the care and education of your little one so all out staff are minimum level 3 and at Goole 2 are higher than level 6.

We are delighted and proud that all our staff can lead, educate and interact at the highest level with ALL your children. Your child couldn’t be cared for and educated by a better set of caring individuals.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

100% paediatric first aid trained

Did you know that Ofsted regulations only require a single member at the nursery to be first aid trained. All our staff, that’s 100%, everyone is paediatric first aid trained – SIMPLE.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

We’re here when you need us

All Tiptoes nurseries are open from 7.30am to 6pm, much longer than the school day. Therefore, if you work full time, there’s no need to make other arrangements for your children. They can simply stay with our trained staff in an environment in which they are comfortable.

It is this convenience that makes a huge difference to parents’ lives, and is something a standalone pre-school can’t provide.

And we’re here 51 weeks of the year, only closing in between Xmas and New Year. We also offer term time only places, but these are limited.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

Backed by an Ofsted Outstanding Team

Our Goole setting works closely with our other 5 settings, which mean as well as being led by 2 degree level practitioners, Kelly and her team have access to a wide range of experienced and talented individuals that make the care and development second to none.

Within the Tiptoes group we have lots of Ofsted Outstanding graded/areas within our nurseries, so you really are in good hands. It also means we can pool resources and within the group of 60 staff, who are all level 3 qualified, we also have 14 degree led practitioners.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

We been here a long time and cared for over 2000 children since 2009

Tiptoes was established in 2009 by a leading East Riding teacher and mum of 2. It is a family based company and the owners take a very active role in the day to day management and improvement of all the settings.

Both are passionate about children and the impact an early years education can have on a child. They know that a brilliant early years environment starts with a great team of committed staff.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

Tracking of your child’s progress at your fingertips

Watching your child develop and grow is one of the greatest pleasures of being a parent. There’s nothing that produces proud, happy parents like knowing their child is surpassing new behavioural and educational milestones every week as they grow and develop with Tiptoes.

We’re extremely privileged in our jobs because we see this every day. But we know how difficult it can be for busy, working parents to keep a track on their child’s progress and understand how frustrating that must be. That’s why we introduced the Tapestry app. All parents whose children attend a Tiptoes nursery already use Tapestry, so for them it requires no introduction.

Tapestry is an online learning journal that is accessible from a mobile device via an app. It has been created to replace individual records of achievement and learning journals, which traditionally take the form of physical notebooks, scrapbooks or binders. Of course, notebooks, scrapbooks and binders can be lost or damaged over time, meaning those precious memories you’ve built up over your child’s early years are gone forever. That is what is so fantastic about Tapestry. It automatically creates an online record of your child’s achievements and development milestones every time it is updated. Our staff can add pictures, videos and notes to the post, so you can see how thrilled your little ones are to achieve their goals.

Tapestry is revolutionising how busy parents keep track of their children’s achievements in an easy, quick and up-to-the-minute way and available at our Goole nursery.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

A large and various healthy food menu, cooked on site

Who remembers school dinners? Yep, us too, and not fondly. Whereas things might have moved on in recent years, few schools could compete with the freshly prepared food that we cook in-house every day.

We like to think we give the children in our care food for thought and food for nutrition, helping them to develop emotionally, intelligently and physically. All our fees include meals and snacks through the day. We have an onsite kitchen and cook who prepares fresh meals on the day.

All our kitchens have a ‘5’ score on the doors from the local environmental health inspector, which is the top score.

Our menu rotates every 19 days, so if you child attends the same day each week they will get to experience everything that our cook has to offer, and they won’t get the same meal every time they attend. In fact, we are sure you’ll agree that a Tiptoes child gets a larger range of meals than us parents!

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

Our nursery environment

Our nursery has been designed by us and built for us with your child in mind. Goole is our 5th purpose-built nursery since 2011 and we feel our best yet.

Come and take a look for yourself at the large play areas, including a soft surface all weather area. All children’s rooms have fantastic curtain walled windows with free flow access to the outside. The large windows provide so much natural light and along with higher than normal ceilings provide a fresh and clean spacious feeling to the environment.

All rooms have toilets and sink facilities so the children do not have to leave the room to use the toilet. This enables us to make such an impact on that all important potty and toilet training.

This is then all backed up by security features such as 32 CCTV cameras, secure access doors for parents use only and fully installed fire and police protected monitoring.

All areas have been created to stimulate children in both play and education and provide a fantastic extension to our well-resourced classroom areas. Goole really is the best decision you can make for your child. With all of the resources and experiences we can offer, our aim is to support you in ensuring your children get the best possible start in life that they can.

Tiptoes Staff at Goole Nursery

Why parents join Tiptoes and never leave.

Taking that giant step between nursery and school is one of the most important moments in the young lives of the children we look after. Getting it right, therefore, is a huge responsibility.

Our nursery environments are designed to be as enriching and supportive as possible, meaning children who attend Tiptoes benefit from unparalleled levels of care and attention. So when it comes time to move on, we do as much as we can to make sure they are fully prepared for their next big adventure.

We start preparations in the April, when children and parents find out which schools they will be going to. Once they know this, we get in touch with those schools and set up ways of introducing the children to their new teachers.  This might involve a visit to their new school, or an invite to the teachers to come in and meet us.

One thing that has always been important to us is to ensure parents are involved with every step of the process. We invite them in to a special parents evening to discuss their child’s development, which is also passed onto the primary school. We go through our transition booklet with parents which, when completed, is sent to the school as a record of progress and achievements, and so they have as much information about the children joining them as we can give. And to make the whole process more fun, we create a ‘transition bag’ for each child, which includes information about uniforms, a pack-up box, photographs of their school including classroom layout and more.

Of course, as we prepare the children in our care for their first day at school, we are also preparing ourselves for when they leave, which is always a wrench. But it happens every year, so you do get used to it. The most important thing we can do is ensure they are as ready as possible for the next big step in their young lives – their first day at school. If we have achieved that, then our job is done.