There has been plenty to celebrate at Tiptoes this October, even in these unprecedented times, with Harvest Festival, Hull Fair and Halloween being just three popular events across our nurseries.

Okay, strictly speaking Harvest Festival was in late September, but that didn’t stop children exploring where the celebration comes from, what it means and learning all about seasonal vegetables.

Food and farming was a bit of a theme in October, with pre-schoolers at all nurseries writing with seasonal vegetables and exploring farm-themed tough tray. The Button Bears, Honey Bears and Sunshine Bears also used root vegetables from Harvest Festival, along with paints, to make autumn-themed shapes on paper.

Hull Fair

With a history stretching back 740 years, excitement always builds in October when Hull Fair comes to town. Tiptoes is no exception. Children made chocolate apples with sprinkles, collage candy floss, and pre-schoolers practised their scissor skills by cutting and sticking pictures of rides from the fair.

Autumn Colours

Children across all our nurseries were excited to mark the arrival of autumn with a range of outdoor and indoor activities. They created a range of autumnal pictures, and the toddlers made tree pictures using tin foil and autumn coloured paints. They had a fantastic time exploring the different leaves that had fallen from the trees outside and decorating them with lots of different materials.

The babies enjoyed colouring in autumn animals and also had loads of fun painting with carrots.

Clocks Go Back!

October was full of celebration here at Tiptoes and with November now underway, we’re expecting lots of fun this month too. But as the clocks have now gone back and winter draws ever closer, most of that will be inside, though we are endeavouring to keep getting outside as much as possible!

We hope everyone managed to celebrate Bonfire Night in some way and that the rest of November goes well.