If you are wanting to get out in the fresh air with your little ones this winter and you need some inspiration to distract them from the cold. We have put together  the activities that were carried out in Tiptoes forest school this term.

There is also the video to see how the Tiptoes children enjoyed each of these activities at each site.


Pick some flowers from your garden, leaves or sticks with your children. Freeze them in ice cube trays or balloons. Once they are frozen the children can explore the ice melting with warm water or through melting them in their hands. At Tiptoes we incorporated a stickman theme into our activity.


At Tiptoes we used a cardboard box and a reindeer to guide our sleigh. We stuck natural resources to the box such as twigs and leaves to help the sleigh fly. We then had lots of fun getting in the sleigh and flying to the North pole.


Take your child into the woods to collect pinecones. Once you are home you can have lots of fun decorating them into mini Christmas trees. At Tiptoes we choose to decorate them with small pom poms.


Find resources in your outdoor environment create your own natural unique baubles. Pick a tree in your garden to decorate with natural festive decorations. At Tiptoes the children found the bushiest bush to decorate.


Make a king crown from the story the nativity. At Tiptoes the children also took outside a doll representing baby Jesus and wrapped him up in natural resources such as large leaves and sticks to keep him warm. The children also listened very well to the story behind Christmas.


Using salt free dough and the natural environment pick a variety of resources to create your own snowman.

Salt free  dough if you are using outdoors is made up of  2 cups of plain flour. Mix one cup of water in until it goes into a dough mixture.  At Tiptoes the children loved finding leaf hats for their snowmen.


Take a range of kitchen appliances into the garden or woods. Let the children create their own Christmas dinner for you and bring their imagination to life with the puddings they produce. At Tiptoes the children loved making their Christmas dinner from stones and listening to the sounds they made as they mixed them together.

Scavenger Hunt

Children love scavenger hunts, here is some inspiration to get them to use their imagination and find items similar to the list.

Tiptoes loved the scavenger hunt and found a variety of items which can be seen in the forest school video.