Watching your child develop and grow is one of the greatest pleasures of being a parent.

There’s nothing that produces proud, happy parents like knowing their child is surpassing new behavioural and educational milestones every week as they grow and develop with Tiptoes.

We’re extremely privileged in our jobs because we see this every day. But we know how difficult it can be for busy, working parents to keep a track on their child’s progress and understand how frustrating that must be.

That’s why we introduced the Tapestry app.

Many parents whose children attend a Tiptoes nursery already use Tapestry, so for them it requires no introduction.

But there are still quite a number who haven’t signed up to it yet, and we feel they are definitely missing out.

Tapestry is an online learning journal that is accessible from a mobile device via an app. It has been created to replace individual records of achievement and learning journals, which traditionally take the form of physical notebooks, scrapbooks or binders.

Of course, notebooks, scrapbooks and binders can be lost or damaged over time, meaning those precious memories you’ve built up over your child’s early years are gone forever.

That is what is so fantastic about Tapestry. It automatically creates an online record of your child’s achievements and development milestones every time it is updated.

This is permanent and cannot be lost or damaged, meaning it is a much safer way to record and store all those wonderful moments from their childhood.

But Tapestry is much more than just a journal. By updating it in real time – as your child achieves each milestone – the app alerts you, enabling you to share in their achievements.

Our staff can add pictures, videos and notes to the post, so you can see how thrilled your little ones are to achieve their goals.

Tapestry is revolutionising how busy parents keep track of their children’s achievements in an easy, quick and up-to-the-minute way.

But don’t just take our word for it, read just a small number of (genuine) reviews we get from our parents once they’ve downloaded the app.

“I love this! Being able to see what your child is up to and how they’re developing when you’re not there is fab!” (Oliver’s mum December 17)

“It’s good – easy to access especially the app is a great way to keep up to date.” (Elise’s mum December 17)

“Tapestry is a great idea, we love to look at it to see what James has been up to especially when there are videos of him playing.” (James’s mum)

“I think it is a great system – I must remember to go on weekly, I love to read about Seb’s development and seeing all of the pictures.” (Seb’s mum)

“I think Tapestry is good, I like that I can log on at any time to see what Harry has been doing and how he is achieving.” (Harry’s mum).

“Brilliant, love the fact it brings the relationship of parents and Tiptoes closer. We love seeing pictures of Max and reading about his development.” (Max’s mum).

So what are you waiting for? Download the app at either the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store and keep connected to all wonderful things your child is doing at Tiptoes every day!