Our Annual Tiptoes Award night 2020 (with the unfortunate changes)

Well its that time of year again when all staff from across the Tiptoes land join together one evening for the annual Tiptoes awards night. We have speeches, awards, food and drink, its brilliant and we look forward to it for weeks in advance. Nominations are collected and prizes bought ready for the big occasion !

Our lovely cooks (and managers) prepare a feast fit for Kings, well Queens and Princesses, and the festivities start at 6:30pm to a room full of red polo t-shirts! this is the start of the staff Xmas parties and is followed by a wonderful night of a 3 course meal, drinks and disco one final Saturday night before Santa arrives.

…… STOP…… sorry that was last year :-(

No meeting up for the Tiptoes night in, no Tiptoes night out, no feasts together. OH NO !

Well we still did everything else.

Nominations went out to all staff via electronic secret ballots, for the 6 different awards. This year we included a Miss Keeping Covid OUT award and the usual Miss Sunshine, Miss Outstanding Activities, Miss Getting on with Life, Miss chatterbox and finally Employee of the Year. All with awards for each of the 6 nurseries.

Once all nominations were in prizes where bought (and quarantined), certificates where printed, it was then just the announcements !

Helen and Paul setup on Sunday morning and filmed a full 27 minute video (oh gosh) covering messages from the whole of 2020, thanking staff for all they have done (they tend to do that every day anyway) and announcing the winners !

The video was uploaded, secretly, and embargoed until 8pm and then was released to all staff ready for lots of laughs and congratulations. The Whatsapp messages went on late into the night.

Above are the winners on Monday morning with their certificates. We just can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so we can celebrate all together!