Children at Goole nursery start January 2021 safely with construction activities.

Children across all our nurseries have enjoyed a creative start to the year, with January full of construction, artistic projects and creative cooking. We even had our first pirate ship delivery at our Goole nursery, which was a feast of excitement for all the children.

Naturally, along with that comes some very messy kids and some very messy nurseries. But we don’t mind that, it’s all part of the fun!

January was no exception and has been a busy month at Goole where we have been learning and playing with lots of different resources.

Our favourite things to do at the moment is construction, we did a topic on construction and incorporated the story of the three little pigs into our activities.

The children love looking after the dolls at nursery making sure they have a clean nappy and plenty of water, they also like taking them for a trip with all the prams!

The pre-school children have been using a matching sea animal snap game, working on their scissor holding/cutting skills and painting activities using gluing and sticking. There have been lots of different tough tray messy play activities to explore.

Overall, January was a busy, fun and educational month which saw the children across our nurseries get involved in lots of fabulous activities. And with February just starting, you can bet it will be just as action-packed!